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The flu vaccine is offered free to all children who are aged 2 to 5 years on 1 September 2020 (and not yet in primary school). NHS Scotland strongly recommends your child receives their flu vaccine this year. This is for three reasons:

1. Flu can be serious, even for healthy children.
2. To reduce the risk of your child spreading flu to friends and family.
3. To help our NHS avoid the pressure that a spike in seasonal flu would put on top of COVID-19.

Flu immunisation begins in the autumn. During vaccination, strict infection prevention and control measures will be in place. Almost all children can have the flu vaccine as a simple painless nasal (nose) spray which is safe and effective. A very small number of children may need the vaccine by injection instead. 

What should I do next?
Visit or call 0800 22 44 88 to find out about getting the flu vaccine in your area. 

Please note that children at primary school will normally be given the vaccine at school
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