Links Medical Centre
4 Hermitage Place Leith Edinburgh EH6 8BW
Tel: 0131 554 1036
Out of Hours: 111
If you are not redirected automatically, follow this link to our new website.
We are about to role out the COVID Vaccination for patients aged over 80. We will contact you to arrange your appointments. Please do not contact the surgery
Version 2.1.2905
ADDON: Set website to adaptive by default - % rather than px.
ADDON: Add new image to library for all customers
PATCH: Website displaying too narrow on ipad
PATCH: Top/Main menu no backgound on iPad
PATCH: Website layout & themes wizard back option on each page
FIX: Font sizer does not work for all text
FIX: Captcha not working
FIX: Remove 'Forums' from website management menu
FIX: Remove links available to use in footer - PALS and NHS Direct no longer exist
FIX: error displaying when adding new page manually
FIX All accordion style subpages will be the size of the largest page within.

Version 2.1.2774
PATCH: Firewall now reboots with the firewall reinitialized from default setup.
ADDON: New upgrade bash script made to help with deployment
ADDON: When running a upgrade it now makes a backup of the current folders and files that will be replaced.
ADDON: New bash script to install xattr_get to php so the file-manager script should now work.
FIX: Access and Ownership rights Fixed on files and folders that would have made problems in many areas of the CMS
FIX: Shell scripting wrong path for Running Upgrade Script
Add descriptions to uploaded documents.
Added default email address for Secure patient forms
When setting up new site, default page edit permissions to "admin".
Prevent deletion of form if used on any pages.
Secure patient forms, from address now defaults to name.
Enhanced layouts for browsers on IOS8.
Can now create a link to an anchor within a page.
FIX: Adding a 2nd map to a page. The 2nd map isn't appearing.
FIX: Widgets > Useful Links > Useful Websites > View Categories > List links > Edit - page cannot be found
FIX: Management > Anonymous questionnaire > Report > Share - link does not work
FIX: Forms - Logic doesn't work
FIX: Problems with site search.
FIX: Migration no longer adds unwanted line breaks.
FIX: Migration no longer loses spaces between words.
FIX: Migration - subpages not migrated.
FIX: Unable to login if password contains non-alphanumeric character(s).
FIX: Scrolling news box, links within this scrolling news box do not work.
FIX: Scrolling news box, doesn't display full news item.
FIX: Special characters in staff profile names are missing

Version 2.0.15019
Added Friends & Family Test (FFT) widget.
Added IWGC widget.

Version 2.0.
Initial Release. NGSW replaces GPWS.